At 5 years old, I started as a Carpenter and Learned my Bloodline   
At 12, I became a Janitor and was Shown Compassion 
At 13, I became a Researcher and started to Self Educate
At 14, I became a Scientist/Biologist and Fell in Love with Earth
At 16, I learned Horticulture was introduced to Permaculture 
At 21, I became a Philosopher and Neuroscientist in Pursuit of Consciousness 
At 24, I became a surgeon and was Gifted Anatomy and Physiology  
At 28, I became a Business Man and Gallerists and Expanded 
At 30, I became and Artist and a Fabricator, a True Creator 
At 33, I became a Priest and a Father, Moving Deeper into Spirit and Heart
Today at 34, I am a Wizard and I work in the 5th Dimension.   

The Intention of my work is simple, To awaken the Sacred Heart, 
and Inspire Humanity toward a more Sustainable, Harmonious Nature. 

Join in the Awakening of Humanity and Manifestation of a more Conscious Tomorrow