2) Air Outside Of Us

  • Air Quality Regulations (Internationally)
  • Atmosphere Awareness
  • Trees + Ecosystems
  • Technology to Assist In Harmonious Shift Towards Balancing The Purity Of Air
  • Understanding Air Quality

Basic Breathing Logistics

Imagine yourself within this tube of Light, breathing and drawing your Light Breath from Source. Following the specific steps below, you will bring your focus of the Living Light Breath down into your Hara Point. The Hara, the balance point for your phyical being, is located about two fingers width below your navel. You will repeat this breath process seven times: Moving your breath up the tube, drawing in the Light of Source and bringing it back into your physical body to your Hara point. By holding the breath in the balance point of your physical body, it will begin to heal your three lower chakras.

Continuing with the Light Breath, on the eighth breath move the focus of your breath up from your Hara, into your pineal gland and continue to breathe from there. Your pineal gland is found in the very center of your skull, midway between the front, back and sides and on the level of your eyebrows.

The complete breath itself consists of three natural cycles and specific states of focus: Inhalation, retention (a holding or pause state) and exhalation. So while it appears you are breathing 'up the tube towards the Sun', the focus of your breath will be in your Hara point. The physical logistics of the Living Light Breath are as follows:

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The gate or portal to the Unity Consciousness grid is activated every time an ascended master takes his/her last physical breath. The Living Light Breath is a way to move into this grid and connect with all living consciousness everywhere. 

Directly above your head is a passageway, or tube of Light that was created for your soul to reconnect and travel back to Source/Creator. Visualize and feel what it would be like to move towards that Light, and gently, move into the 'last breath' Your head, upon taking this breath (experienced by some as a very deep sigh), seems to be drawn naturally down and to the right as your body goes limp. If your head feels like it wants to move in this direction, allow your head to simply fall slightly forward onto your chest and roll over and up to the right.

Continue to breathe in this manner seven times. Each time imagine your breath traveling up the tube on your 'in breath', bringing in the Light of Source. Once you are filled with the Living Light of Source, bring your breath and your focus down into your Hara point and hold for as long as you can. On each 'in breath', as the breath travels down to your Hara point, double lock. On each exhale, release the breath and release the double locks. 

On the eight breath move your point of focus to your pineal gland and center your breath from there. There is no double lock on this breath. From your pineal, you now will be able to feel and connect to all of your chakras, in a new and non-polarized way. You will experience the expansion of your own awareness and become less reactive to energy that no longer serves you.


  • Sit erect and comfortably. Always sit with your spine as straight as possible. 
  • Place your hands on or in your lap, lying or cupped comfortably, either in the first mudra or with one palm loosely resting in the other. The first mudra is having the tips of both index fingers touching the tips of both thumbs. 
  • Use any hand mudra which feels natural to you. 
  • Close your eyes, breathe through your nose and relax. 
  • During the entire sequence of breath, keep your tongue flat - so it touches the roof of your mouth. The tip of your tongue will be resting just behind your teeth in the upper part of your palate. By naturally closing your mouth, your tongue sits on the roof of your mouth. Keeping your tongue on the roof of your mouth connects the two major meridians in your body and prevents any energy from being blown out your crown chakra. 
  • As the breath is drawn into your body, double lock your anus. This is accomplished by first locking the opening to your anus or perineum. Do this by squeezing the muscles of your buttocks together. This is the first lock. The second lock is accomplished by pretending there is a string coming out of your belly button that is attached to the small of your back. Now pull that string from the back. As you pull it your belly will be pulled inward. This is the second lock. This double lock prevents any energy from being lost or blown out through your first chakra. 
  • Begin the Living Light Breath by consciously drawing in a normal breath deeply through your nose, so the air reaches the back of your throat and flows down against your spine. 
  • Let your breath go all the way down to your root chakra or until it can't go any further. You will find your breath naturally flows in the area of your three lower chakras - your lower belly and navel. 
  • When your belly is comfortably full, let the air rise and expand your ribs and let your chest rise. You are now full of air. 
  • You have filled yourself from bottom to top, from abdomen to chest. Hold your breath as long as you can, centering your focus at your Hara point. Then exhale through your nose and release the double lock. 
  • As you exhale, relax your body and let your shoulders be comfortable. 
  • Exhale very slowly and gently. 
  • Your abdomen deflates automatically. 
  • You have just taken one complete breath.


1) Air Within Us

  • Quality Of Air
  • What Is Purified Air
  • Breath Therapies (Meditation)
  • Correct Way To Breathe?
  • Understanding Respiration
  • Oxygen’s Effect On Humans
  • Air Composition
  • Atmospheric Composition