We Are Currently Building An Affiliation Network & Partnerships With International Organizations Working Towards 

Ensuring A Sustainable Future For Our Children.

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​LOVE IS THE SOLUTION INC. 501 (c) (3) Non Profit Organization 

" Present to inspire a genuine lasting impact on human behavior, practice, and existence.  "

 We hope to inspire a positive change of heart or perspective towards our collective evolution. 

By sharing yogic principles, creative arts, modern/alternative research + technology, & 

affiliating with forward thinking organizations + businesses  in order to infuse our community with a spectrum of art projects that reaches out to all members of our society.


We must be ready, in all countries, to reshape education so as to promote attitudes

and behavior conducive to a culture of inner balance and outer sustainability.

Our Educational Network is being created to help everyone become more aware of our universal geometry and interconnected nature - 

not only between humanity

but also of that with

the Earth,

the Galaxy,

and beyond. . . 

Air Inside Us, Air Outside Us

Fire Inside Us, Fire Outside Us

Water Inside Us, Water Outside Us

Earth Inside Us, Earth Outside Us

"The biggest challenge we face today is shifting human consciousness. The planet doesn't need saving we do."

Xiuhtezcatl - 15 Years Old

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